Types of Investigations

Family Matters:

  • Genealogical, people and patrimonial researches
  • Investigation and research in family interests, family law (divorce, child custody, etc.)
  • Search for people and patrimonies
  • History and personality investigations

Commercial investigations, risk management (Due Diligence & compliance) :

  • Search for evidence
  • Preparation of findings and interpellation summation
  • Investigations into cases of prohibited and unfair competition
  • Dismissals of employees
  • Unknown markdowns
  • Morality check of staff
  • Control of schedule of itinerant people
  • Clandestine work (Articles L362 to L362-6 of October 6)
  • Search for gross negligence/serious fault
  • Economic and commercial intelligences
  • Research and verification of information related to a company, a market.
  • Market research and economic evaluations
  • Search for financial links
  • Press kit
  • Competitive study

Industrial Maters :

  • Protection of patents, licenses, trademarks
  • Infringement cases, theft of trade secrets
  • Special surveillance in factories and premises
  • Theft or industrial espionage
  • Diversions
  • Casting goods
  • Non-compete clause, exclusivity
  • Abuse of workers

Financial affairs :

  • Banks and Credit companies
  • Debtors Search
  • Address Lookup
  • Employers Search
  • Solvency Search
  • Asset Status Search
  • Lifestyle or seized property search
  • Search for diverted or pledged properties after seizure
  • Patrimonial research

Insurance  :

  • Insurance companies
  • Verification of claims
  • Sample for lab testing
  • Fire search - picking of samples on arson frauds
  • RTA (road traffic accident)
  • Responsibilities evaluation and research
  • Investigation in cases of organised insolvency
  • Insurance swindle
  • Body injury

Labour law :

  • Unregistered workers
  • Check on sick leaves
  • Alcohol and drugs control in labour law, control actions for Air and Maritime companies. Labour law. We have been trained with a leading British laboratory on drug / alcohol testing

Our means:

  • Multilingual agency: French, English, German and Italian
  • We have the appropriate computer hardware and electronics, private data sources.
  • Motorised 2 and 4 wheel vehicles